by Software Whore August 19, 2020 2 min read

Usually pretty skeptical of Guru made software. But this one definitely serves it’s purpose despite it being a simple one. I ended up going for the annual plan…on accident. Oops? Story of my life.

Let’s face it, 2020 is a crazy year especially for brick and mortar businesses. The small mom and pop shops and restaurants are feeling the pain the most. These small business owners that make up the majority of what makes your town and city a pleasant place to live need your help!

Marketer Magic is a B2B software that can help you reach out to those who need that help. Specifically Many Leads which is built into this software suite. So what exactly does it do? It pulls up businesses for any area you search (example a city or state) and shows you their contact information and if they have a website. You can filter by niche and type of business as well. Making it a breeze rather than spending hours on google going one by one.

So yes, yes you could technically do that for free. But it’s one of those classic cases of you won’t get that time back. Making Marketer Magic one of those worth it softwares for saving both time so you can be more efficient in making money yourself and helping these businesses out. It’s what we would call a lead generation software.

The whole training behind this software is actually to consult these businesses and install a FB pixel for them. Then sell them on your services of ad management for retargeting people who visit their site. Makes perfect sense. But it’s not totally applicable to all businesses. It’s really more of a suggestion on how you can utilize Marketer Magic.

Personally I think the easiest thing to do is reach out to restaurants that don’t have a mobile friendly site and or do not have a way to order online. Pretty easy to create a Shopify site for them so they can begin to take orders easily. If they happen to want to do delivery… well good news! They can save a bunch by not giving into apps like GrubHub who practically rob these business owners of profit.

Of course you can reach out to real estate agents who are more than happy to get more leads. Just want to make sure they have their own site rather than the ones that are often subdomained by their realtor company.

Heck, you could even choose a niche domain example: bouncehousesnewyork dot com and then send leads to a bounce house rental company in New York. Simply type Bounce House in Marketer Magic, pull up all the leads. Go down the list to see which one is interested in getting more traffic.

Hopefully this gets the brain juices flowing and you can see the value in having Marketer Magic as part of your software stack. On top of that there’s also an email address verification app, a “proof” pop up type app, quiz maker, link shortener, work timer, background remover, and even a push notification app. This all comes with Marketer Magic but the best one in that bunch is definitely Many Leads.