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That’s where Hyros comes with their Mecha Raven.

Which apparently now breathes fire and previously shot lasers out of it's mouth. Maybe it does both? And now it moves? 


Alex saw the need for his own businesses to be able to get proper attribution and really see where his most profitable campaigns are coming from. Ever feel that you might actually be killing a campaign that is profitable? It’s really quite possible that you have been and on the contrary you may have been raising the budget on less profitable campaigns.


Crazy right?


But what drove me absolutely nuts for my business was not knowing the entire customer journey. I was convinced in my head that there were multiple touch points. I was running a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. On top of that? Had a major publisher driving traffic to my site organically resulting in 20 – 30 plus sales per day.

As you can imagine, that resulted in a clusterf**k of blind guessing where sales were coming from. Does this sound familiar to you?


In any case, for me it was something I was looking to solve. I heard of attribution softwares such as wicked reports and segmetrics from the Facebook group I’m part of called AdLeaks but in my opinion they were wildly complicated and overpriced for my needs. I simply needed something that I could understand easily and implement fast.


Then Alex Becker’s ad hit me on youtube. Go figure. Pretty much calling out my exact problem. Smart. Long story short I decided to book a call since that’s what they required at the time to join Hyros while it was in beta.


His sales guy walked me through a presentation. Pretty much nailing the problematic points of business owners like me. But honestly I was already sold before I even got on the video call. After all, I am a software whore who likes to buy software.



Since it was for a business that I partnered up with, I had to consult my buddy on it. Of course the sales guy put a “time limit” on it. What we call sense of urgency. I didn’t mind though cause I know the drill when it comes to sales. Anyways, it didn’t take long to convince my partner that it would be worth it for attribution alone.


This all happened back in Pre Black Friday 2019. Hyros was setup in a breeze. Within 10 minutes! But I must say there were a few things I was not expecting. Not really problematic but you have to provide user access with one of his team members to your FB page and Shopify Admin. Kind of weird seeing Alex Becker in your shopify admin? But not concerned as I’m certain Alex has much better things to do than scope around. Besides, it would take a long time to replicate what I had going for that business.


As for ongoing maintenance? Not really much to do except add the required utm string to each ad. If you have current ads running note that you will have to add this string still and it will force FB to go back into the review process.

How’s their support? They are responsive to say the least. They can also help you understand your reports better should you fail to misunderstand them.


How about that raise? Yup. Pretty much giving yourself a raise by doing the bare minimum setup. Attribution for both FB and Google increased resulting in better conversions and ultimately better ROI. Suffice to say both AI platforms got smarter. I was also able to cut the true losers and scale the true winners WITHOUT SPENDING MORE.



Besides giving myself a raise the best part was giving me a peace of mind actually knowing the customer journey. As someone who is data driven being able to see the first, middle, and last touch points in the journey was incredible. For instance someone would see the publisher’s organic article first when they searched on google. I could see they came from there first. Then they left my site to come back the next day from a Facebook ad. Left after that… and finally they searched on google and converted through a google shopping ad. I didn’t have to guess anymore.

Keep in mind, again I did the Hyros bare minimum setup. They have a lot more advanced tracking features that you can dive into should you need it. I have not cared to do that as it has already solved my problem.




I stand 1000% behind this software. It’s a game changing no brainer solution for those that are spending any significant ads on a daily basis. Especially if you are doing multi channel marketing including email. 

I’ll actually go as far to say, if you don’t like making money than skip it. If you do like making more than you will want to invest in Hyros. You are literally insane not to invest in a attribution software like Hyros. I don’t know what their current price is but I got in at $3500 for 6 months upfront.  Pretty much a drop in the bucket for something that has produced far more results than I anticipated in with a relatively painless setup. Also had to be spending at least 10k a month in ad spend at the time and It's probably the same today. 


UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion around how could Hyros possibly do the job better than FB or Google's own attribution system. Well, first off Hyros has nothing to do with FB's or Google's own attribution system. It's all about have your own FIRST CLICK attribution system.  So far, enterprise level advertisers have achieved this with crazy marketing tech stacks that cost thousands of dollars a month. This on the other hand is a much less expensive solution for small business owners like us. 



Now even more so with the latest Facebook and iOS 14 update fiasco... Hyros is definitely a must grab. If you're looking for a solution around this problem this is it. I'm not sure if Alex predicted this to come but gahhh damn he's lucky! Not only for himself but the money he is about to rake in for his company from this latest update. To be fair they've made constant improvements since being with them since 2019.


If you're looking for a Hyros Alternative 

I would suggest using AnyTrack. I would consider this the budget or startup alternative. I didn't discover them till after and go figure that AnyTrack has actually been around longer. 

"AnyTrack is a plug & play conversion tracking platform that enables marketers to track, attribute and sync their conversions and audiences across their entire marketing stack."

Sound like Hyros? Cause it does most of the same things at a fraction of the cost. There are some key differences though!

I know Hyros is not always a price practical solution for those with smaller clients and those with smaller e-commerce businesses. At least with AnyTrack and you'll be able to use their system's "first party" cookies on your own domain, which can't be blocked by users who implement tighter browser security settings or use third-party ad blocking or other software. 

So let me breakdown the differences and highlights of each.


With Hyros you're hands down getting the best attribution software for e-commerce without a doubt. This includes tiktok and snapchat which anytrack lacks. Also even more importantly it includes GOOGLE SHOPPING on the campaign view level which for some reason Anytrack lacks"

"Regarding the Shopping campaign: 
AnyTrack does not pull Google shopping into your campaign section like the other type of campaigns. The shopping campaigns are tracked by AnyTrack and the data will be sent forward to google ads but you will not be able to see the ROAS in the camping section in AnyTrack, because we don't pull the amount spent data."

To clarify it still does track, but it's odd you can't see the ROAS in the campaign section. 


But Anytrack does have it's shine too. If you're in the affiliate marketing realm or do any sort of e-commerce AND affiliate marketing together like listicles, Anytrack is your go to. Anytrack goes above and beyond to be able to integrate with nearly all major affiliate platforms you can think of. It works like a dream for affiliates.


Whether you end up going with Hyros or AnyTrack is totally based on price and needs. I think it's fair to say if you need a dedicated support team and have a complex setup, I think Hyros is worth going for if you spend more than 10k per month especially for e-commerce only brands. It also can handle tiktok attribution which is something that Anytrack doesn't offer currently and that's important in the e-commerce sector. I can't say much for the info product/digital world, but apparently it's good for that too.

If you're in startup mode and spending less than 10k per month on ads, you should be using Anytrack. If you don't have a complex business or setup you can continue to use Anytrack as you scale. 

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