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Looking for a Hyros Alternative?

First off, I speak fondly of Hyros. It's a fantastic solution to the ad cookie apocalypse providing a robust interface to track AND optimize your ads better than Facebook or Google could alone. Yes even well before the iOS update that has changed the advertising industry, it was no secret that FB and Google would under report. 

What happens when under reporting (or even over reporting) occurs? You start second guessing profits. Hyros properly attributes all sales for FB and Google while also tracking the entire customer journey including organic traffic and emails. The days of not knowing the entire customer journey has finally come to a conclusion so you can maximize what's actually working and what's not working at all.

This all sounds good because it really is that good. There's no doubt that Alex Becker created Hyros to scale not only his own companies but to help other companies that faced the exact same problem. Most of these companies are at a minimum making 6 figures in sales if not 7 and 8. Notable names like Dean Graziosi, LadyBoss, and even CLICKFUNNELS. The price of this software certainly justifies the results for companies of this size.

But what about the smaller companies? Or what about agencies that have tons of clients? Sure... you could pass along the cost to your clients but that isn't always an option. If you're looking for a similar software to Hyros... I have that Hyros alternative that you have been searching for that does the exact same thing!

It's called Anytrack. Like the name suggests it helps your company track your ads properly just like Hyros. Well... kind of. Let me explain.

Hyros uses offline conversions by matching email, phone number and up to 10 data points and then sends it to Facebook or Google ads. The possible flaw in this is that customers often have more than one email address. While I haven't seen this as an issue, it definitely could be a thing. Also there are privacy concerns with the email in the URL on thank you pages (Yikes)

Whereas Anytrack directly connects via API and is partnered with FB resulting in even more accurate conversions reported. This means it matches your own first party cookies through AnyTrack with ad platforms directly without compromising personal data to other big data platforms in the URL. 

You can connect both Facebook and Google easily within a minute and immediately start reporting and tracking. Plug and play baby! Not to mention the process is even easier with one smart tag!

There's also no complex setup or onboarding call process. You can jump in immediately with no wait. At minimum with Hyros you're gonna have to schedule a call and speak with one of their sale reps and go through a pitch, and then an onboarding process should you decide to go with them. 

With Anytrack, you can simply select the plan that works best for you starting at only $50/mo vs Hyros at a minimum of $3500 for 6 months upfront. That's way more than the highest plan at Anytrack.

While I could go on about extra features like google analytics and zapier integration among many others... one thing I must point out is that if you happen to be an affiliate marketer caught off guard by the iOS update. They have an incredible amount of integrations with affiliate platforms that Hyros does not have period.

I'll leave it at that and let Anytrack answer other questions you may have. But at this price and for what you get, it's a no brainer at this point going forward for the following business models: E-commerce, Digital Product, or Affiliate Marketer. 


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